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Application of KRIMISTOP® brings a new approach to property protection. Currently used ways of property protection by means of mechanical or electronic systems are still very important and necessary but it can be expected that they will be overcome despite incessant technical development. In case the stolen or lost property is found, there often comes an unsolvable problem with its identification and finding out a rightful owner.

That is the phase when the KRIMISTOP® system comes. Things marked with identification elements and registered in the KRIMISTOP® central register can be quickly, easily and reliable identified and returned to their owner. Identification is possible according to manufacturing identification data as well as added identification elements. It does not matter whether an object was stolen or lost, there is always an increased chance of its return. Application of the identification elements on protected objects is both easy and fast.

Protective functions of the KRIMISTOP® system are preventive and identification ones, they do not provide physical protection. The objective is to discourage thieves from attempting thefts of things. They are equipped with protective elements and visibly marked with warning labels thus making sure to the robbers that such property is to be avoided. Marked and protected things are not easily marketable and they may be very dangerous when possessed illegally. They become practically valueless even before they are stolen.

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