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Application of the KRIMISTOP® system is suitable for all kinds of valuable property and its parts. It is always possible to find a suitable type of identification elements for the required application and range. Particular application of identification elements on things is easy and fast. It may be done by everybody themselves with the help of a manual. For more complicated applications, there are authorized application centres available.

For property marking and registration in the KRIMISTOP® system, Identification Sets are used. These ID sets contain identification elements (according to ID set type), warning labels, instruction manual, necessary application tools, a registration form to be download and access data into the KRIMISTOP® Central Register. The price of a set covers also the possibility to register the marked things in the Central Register for the whole lifetime of those things (no additional charges).

Possible areas of applications

HOUSEHOLDS. Advantageous additional protection of personal property with a whole range of identification elements. Suitable for e.g. electronics, valuables, collection, art, bicycles, weapons, means of transport etc.

OFFICES AND WORKSHOPS. Microchips are especially suitable not only to increase the protection from thefts but also for fast and precise registering of property using a manual reader. Suitable for e.g. computers, furniture, machinery, tools, means of transport, instruments etc.

SCHOOLS. Protection of school property means also maintaining the standards of the educational process. It enables fast checking of the marked property during stocktaking and in search for lost things. Suitable for e.g. teaching aids, classroom and office equipment, computers, laboratory instruments etc.

CHURCHES, MUSEUMS, CASTLES, GALLERIES. Protection of valuable things of high historical value using the protective elements means lowering of their value for thieves because such things become 'hot goods'. A significant advantage can be seen in the possibility of non-contact unambiguous stocktaking. Suitable for e.g. statuettes, paintings, icons, clocks, bookcases etc.

MEANS OF TRANSPORT AND ROAD MACHINERY. Additional identification lowers the value of a vehicle for thieves to a minimal level. Means of transport can be also identified according to their individual parts. Therefore even spare parts are not marketable very well and they means constant risk for thieves. Suitable for e.g. cars, lorries, special vehicles, motorbikes, motor tricycles, road machinery, busses, veteran cars etc.

PUBLIC SECTOR. Protection of public property at offices, rental houses and workshops. The marked property cannot be exchanged for other. Perfect stocktaking and easy authentication of ownership is possible. Suitable for e.g. Office equipment, computers, furniture, electric devices and equipment, works of art et.

ANIMALS. Precise registration of breeding and identification of lost animals. It can be possibly used for registering dogs and other animals kept in cities etc.

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