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Checking of the thing

On this page you can check if the thing is registered in the KRIMISTOP® central register.

ID of the KRIMISTOP protective element:
(microchips, microdots, special codes, animal ID)
IMEI, VIN, serial number:  
Word characteristics:  

The maximum number of the displayed things is limited to 10. The demand which leads to the higher amount of things in the result will be refused. Accessability of some information depends on the authorization level.

ID of the protective element:
Cheching of the thing is done by the KRIMISTOP identification number of the protecting element (ID codes of microdots, microchips, coded labels, tatoo or animal microchip or etched code). The number must be entered exactly, otherwise the thing will not be looked up.

IMEI, VIN, serial number:
Checking of the thing is done by the IMEI, VIN, HIN, serial number or registration number of the thing. The number must be entered exactly as stated on the thing.

Word characteristics:
Checking of the thing by the word characteristics (name, name of the artwork, type, kind, manufacturer, year of production, period, colour). In this item more data may be entered. Words are divided by the spacing. The sequence of words, letter size and diacritic marks do not influence the search.

Combination of entered items:
Checking may be done by entering any combination of items and data. Combined checking may be suitable for reduction of items in extensive list.

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