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Purchase of the ID set and marking things is a right step to property protection but things can be effectively searched for and identified only when contact data and details about individual things are fully registered. By registration of contact data of a person (a client) in the KRIMISTOP® central register the client account is created. The marked things by the protective elements from a current Identification Set or from the ID sets purchased later on, may be registered at the account.

As for users in the roles of Police (P), Municipal Police (MP) and KRIMISTOP® authorized workplaces (AW), the activation of the access is done for the reasons of system safety.

Procedure when creating a user account:

NEW USER ACCOUNT - creating a new user account.
To create an account, you must know the serial and registration numbers of your ID set and the login password. The information is provided in the Registration Envelope that is part of each identification set or it can be sent separately. Without having the Registration Envelope the user account cannot be created.

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