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Creating of a user account

Setting of contact and access data to a new user account.

Registration data of the Identification set
Serial number of the ID set1): SN:  
Registration number1):  
Login password1):  
Account name2):  
Personal data
ZIP code:  
Processing of personal data: I grant a consent with processing of my personal data only for the purposes connected with the KRIMISTOP® system.  
Contact information
Telephone 1:  
Telephone 2:  
E-Mail 14):  
E-mail 2:  
Login to account
Country of administration6):  
Setting of a user password5):  
User password for checking5):  

After successful creation of a user account, automatic login is done. A new account can be created only once for each set.

!WARNING! Login data is case sensitive.

1) Registration number, login password and serial number are obligatory information to be found in the discrete Registration Envelope or on the registretion card that is a part of each ID set or it is supplied separately. The registration number serves as the login name - client number, after the account is created.

2) Optional name of the account (alias, any name)

3) Name and Surname are obligatory information in case when Company is not filled in (registration of natural persons)

4) One e-mail is obligatory

5) When open the account it is needed to set up a password which will be later used when login. The format of the password - its length is at least 6 characters. We recommend choosing a password that does not have any real meaning and, most importantly, does not have any relation to the user.

6) The Administration country is that one, under which the administration of the customer's account will belong to. Some functions, available for the area, will be set according to the country.

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